The Holle's 

Emily Welsh 

Emily Welsh is an Art consultant at the Holle Fine Art Gallery. Raised in Mukilteo, Washington in a home where the halls echoed with old jazz tunes, late night key board playing and where creativety bloomed. She studied Cultural Anthropology, learning about different cultures and their history. She participated in the Cosalish Tribal Canoe Journey, and of the many canoe families that were part of it, was a Hawaiian Canoe family. She had the opportunity to paddle with them and fall absolutely in love with the Polynesian culture,  determined to learn more. In 2018 she moved to Hawaii to follow that new found passion. Somewhere along the way met Tani and Jeff Holle, and was introduced to the world of art. Again fell madly in love. Her passion is helping people find the perfect piece to remember Maui by, to hang in their home. Fun facts: Favorite song :  Fly Me To The Moon Favorite color : Forest GreenFavorite piece of art to date : Shawn Mackey "Pineapple Express"--If I wasn't in art,

 I would be a Professional Jazz Trombone player.--

Ariel Quiroz

Ariel Quiroz is a pastel and oil painter and a fine arts professor, born and raised in Chile.He has been living here on Maui since 2014, after spending time in Rio de Janeiro and Playa del Carmen, Mexico. He speaks and teaches in 3 languages. 

Ariel’s past travels have inspired and influenced his images of cultures and peoples, as he specializes in contemporary expression of portraits and in the human figure.“I think we are born with the Intuition of what is Beautiful and what is Good. Naturally, we are attracted to Good and Beauty and for me, these two things are represented in Art and People. I try to Celebrate Love, Respect, and Diversity without needing a canon, stereotype or model that dictates what is Healthy or Beautiful. For me, the Human Being is endowed with the Intuition necessary to reject or be attracted to what makes us good or what can make us ill.

It is necessary to use our experience and Intelligence to develop this Intuitive Sense and not allow it to degenerate or atrophy.
True Beauty is Always Natural.”