Thomas Leung

Thomas Leung

 Classical Abstract Palette Knife Landscapes

Thomas Leung was born in Hong Kong in 1958, while it was still a British Colony. His early years were influenced by a social and cultural revolution in China; a time when Thomas’s family began painting beautiful landscapes with a gentle color palette. Thomas, starting when he was very young, followed in his father’s footsteps as an artist. His father, H. Leung has been a revered painter known for his ethereal landscapes with a gentle blending of colors.

 Thomas studied his father’s techniques and approach to the canvas, as a student studies the techniques of a master.

As Thomas matured as an artist, he developed his own unique style. Strong abstract movement with bold colors delivered to the canvas with a palette knife to create textures that captivate you from the first moment. Galleries and collectors alike embrace Thomas’s artwork. While only a teenager, his paintings were exhibited in the Miramar Hotel in Hong Kong alongside his father’s art.

In 1978 the Leung family immigrated to the San Francisco area. Thomas enrolled in the art program at The College of Alameda to elevate his art education and continue his growth as an abstract landscape artist. During these years, Thomas fell in love with the natural beauty of Hawaii. The lush mountains with a ridge line as sharp as a knife edge, raging and serene waterfalls, explosive volcanoes, and lush vegetation. Thomas blended these natural yet powerful displays of beauty with the softer techniques used by his father. Although these natural scenes seem diametrically opposed, they allowed Thomas to blend the soft colors of florals and waterfalls with the sharp bold colors of mountains, volcanoes, and lava.

Thomas Leung Classical Abstract Palette Knife Landscapes Thomas has been a successful gallery artist for over 40 years. He spent years as a top artist for Wyland Galleries and Lahaina Galleries. His art has graced the walls of a large German automaker, JCI, Marriott Hotels, international banks, and was sold at auction to raise thousands of dollars for the Special Olympics. Thomas has also appeared on multiple TV shows where they showcased his art. The Leung family published an art book, titled “The Art of H, Leung, Thomas Leung and Richard Leung” that is rated 5 stars on Amazon and has sold over 5,000 books worldwide.

He says, “the pursuit of art is a lifelong journey where there is so much to learn.” He paints in his Shanghai studio every day, continues to experiment with colors and techniques. His art has graced the walls of thousands of his US and international collectors’ homes for four decades.

Thomas’s art has captured the attention of major art fairs, including Art Expo in New York, Boston and Log Angeles; A.R.T. Taipei; Art Shanghai International Fair; and has held solo exhibits in the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, China and Japan.

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