Scott Cleek

Scott Cleek

Scott Cleek began his exploration of art at a very young age while growing up in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. He moved to Southern California after high school, and honed his technical skills with a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising from San Diego State University. After graduation, Cleek spent several years working for design agencies in San Diego and Los Angeles before turning his full time focus to fine art.

Cleek's most recent collection of paintings has its roots in human emotion and interaction. Inspired by his travels through Europe and North America, Cleek draws upon the memories of his journeys, distilling the flavor, ambiance, and romance of each architecturally and culturally diverse destination.

Rich with color and texture, the signature canvases of his "Good Life" collection are a fusion of classic romanticism with a contemporary flair.

As Cleek explains, "My paintings are created with the intent of capturing moments that stir emotion, evoke a memory, set a mood, or simply allow us to dream.”

Scott’s original paintings are held in corporate and private collections around the world.

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