Mark Beresford

Mark Beresford

Mark Beresford

Mark Beresford is a UK artist with a gift for pulling the viewer into
his canvas. As you gaze down a New York city street you can feel the
cold damp fog against your face; you can hear taxis honking as they
dart in-and-out of traffic, and you can smell the rain as it washes away

weeks of city life. Viewing Beresford’s oil paintings is a multi-
sensory experience.

Born in Germany while his father served with a British tank
regiment, Beresford grew up in Northern England where he still
lives today. Mark said, “I recall standing outside the cinema with
my father when I was a young boy. Our city of Sheffield was well
known for Steel and Cutlery manufacturing. During the cold
winter months fog would fill the streets, leaving buildings, people
and cars as silhouettes against the grey skies. Lights would shine
like beacons through the grey bringing colors and reflections to
life. It’s this combination of shapes, light and depth that gives my
art a sense of place, a story on canvas.”

Mark studied building design and technical drafting in college,
which is where he learned to create incredible visual depth in his
art. The strong vertical orientation of buildings are created with
palette knife, trowels, squeegees and credit cards, leaving thick
textures on the canvas. His unique style is immediately
recognizable, whether it’s a city scene or a landscape/seascape.
Beresford’s passion for painting allows him to express many
emotions through the canvas. His main artistic influences are
J.M.W. Turner for expressionistic lighting and atmosphere,
Claude Monet for Impressionism and colors, and Pablo Picasso
for the non-conformity of Cubist art.
You can find Beresford’s art exhibited in multiple UK galleries and art shows, including the Cotswolds,
London, Cornwall, Peak District, Manchester, The Fine Art Show at Battersea, the Fresh Art Show, and the
Cheltenham Race Course, known as the Home of Horse Jump Racing. In 2024, Mark expanded with new
representation by exclusive fine art galleries in Florida, Hawaii, California and Las Vegas NV.
Mark lives in Sheffield England with his wife Mandy and their Fox Terrier Daisy.

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