2Wild By Barak and Miri Rozenvain

2Wild By Barak and Miri Rozenvain

2Wild Blends Traditional And Contemporary Art Elements Into A Seamless Reflection Of Joy And Happiness.

The values of love and freedom are expressed through vibrant butterflies, cheerful text, and heart-warming expressions. Sharing these important values is Barak and Miri’s mission with the 2Wild collaboration.


2Wild - By Barak and Miri Rozenvain


The 2Wild collaboration was born when brother and sister duo, Barak and
Miri Rozenvain, each a successful and popular artist on their own, decided to
join forces on a collaboration that changed their lives forever.
Since childhood, Barak and Miri shared a studio and helped each other grow
as artists. They traveled often as a family and were equally inspired by natural
and cultural landscapes. Visiting art shows, galleries, and museums enriched
their artistic development, while enjoying national parks, uncharted beaches,
and encounters with wildlife inspired their minds, focus, and mission. This
love and passion for nature and the outdoors became an integral part of the
artists’ identities. Expressing their passion for the natural world through
innovative and unique combinations of contemporary media quickly became
the artists’ mission.
The artists are inspired by the impressive North American wilderness, often
making its landscapes and wildlife the subject of their work. 2Wild
approaches painting through a contemporary lens, capturing their
impressions of the natural world from roaring waves to sublime
mountainscapes. The viewers can picture themselves in these dreamlike
moments of action and adventure, rendered through gestural contours, drips,
and palette knife butterflies. The artwork speaks to nature’s adaptability and
timelessness, and our innate connection to it. Each one of the 2Wild
paintings is teeming with emotion, telling tales of wonder and excitement,
with a mission to preserve nature’s legacy and elevate the outdoor
Creating the 2Wild artwork is a fluid and always evolving process. Detailed
brush and palette knife work is enriched with contemporary mediums such as
shattered glass, resin, collage media, and plexiglass. The use of transparent
plexiglass as a “canvas” in their fine art creations, quickly became one of
2Wild’s most iconic features. The transparent nature of the material allows
the artists to paint on both sides of the glass achieving impeccable depth, and
seamlessly merging the artwork with the interior in which it is displayed.
Similar to the dialogue created between the space and the artwork, a
captivating play between word and image is fostered using carefully curated
collage media. This creates a form of storytelling, conveying the artists’
message, and cultivating a perfect setting for the subject matter.
2Wild blends traditional and contemporary art elements into a seamless reflection of joy and happiness. Using
vibrant butterflies as a symbol of nature’s lightness, elegance, and resilience, the artists infuse their paintings with
the values of freedom, joy, and timelessness. Whether it’s a kind bear waking up in spring amid fluttering colorful
butterflies or a surfer propelled by a wave of butterflies, the message is loud and clear. Go out there and be wild!

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