Ancient Hawaii

WATER of LIFE- Ka wai ola (TBD/250)
22.15 x 48 in
These are all wall mounted sold unframed ready to hang. If you'd like to add a frame please contact for framed pricing. Inspired by the legends of Kane, one of the four primary patriarchal ancestors. This image depicts Kane (the creator) as he creates Man and Woman. This particular legend is similar to the Biblical "creation story" in which Man was sculpted from dirt and Woman was born from his side. It is believed by some that the original ancient story was changed when the Missionary related the biblical story to the Hawaiian people. However, there is no direct evidence to prove this belief. Kane is most recognized for his ability to create water by tapping his staff on the ground to bring forth water. Kane is one of the most profound ancestors and is recognized for in many forms and elements of nature. The word Kane means Man.