Ancient Hawaii

THE DANCE - Hula (TBD/250)
16.60 x 36 in
Price on Request
These are all wall mounted sold unframed ready to hang. If you'd like to add a frame please contact for framed pricing. Inspired by the legends of Laka, "The Dance" is dedicated to Laka and her enduring presence in Hula. Laka has many representations in both male and female form. In "The Dance" we attempted to represent the essence of Laka in the female form. Laka is recognized as the difinitive ancestor of Hula and also the forest. Prior to entering the forest the Hawaiian would give praise to Laka and request her blessing. We used a bit of artistic license in the styling and environment of the image. We adorned the model in a Ti Leaf skirt although Ti Leaf was not introduced to Hawaii until the 1800's. However, as we have stated, we are simply attempting to represent "the essence" of the profound ancestor and the beauty of Hawaii.