Ancient Hawaii

SCORNED - Ho'owaha waha (TBD/250)
27.70 x 60 in
These are all wall mounted sold unframed ready to hang. If you'd like to add a frame please contact for framed pricing. Inspired by the legends of Kamapua'a, the Pig God. In his youth Kamapua'a was an extremely handsome, powerful man that attracted many lovers. Due to his fathers disdain for him and after being scorned by his lover Pele, Kamapua'a was succumb to anger. Kamapua'a is able to change his appearance and resemble the features of the Hawaiian Boar. In this image we have attempted to depict the reclusive Kamapua'a high in the dominion of his Ko'olau homeland. We attempted to portray his stoic and proud nature while reflecting a certain sadness in his eyes.