Ancient Hawaii

KAPA MOON - Mahealani (TBD/250)
27.70 x 60 in
These are all wall mounted sold unframed ready to hang. If you'd like to add a frame please contact for framed pricing. Inspired by the legends of Hina. Although there is no direct translation for "Kapa Moon" we have used the Hawaiian translation for "Full Moon". Hina is recognized in many forms and legends and is one of the most profound matriarchal ancestors of Hawaii. Legend tells of Hina being the Lady of the Moon and a great Kapa maker. Although you would not actually pound Kapa under the moon, we used some artistic license in an attempt to depict the essence of Hina in but a few of her many forms. Hina is usually represented in a horizontal or reclined position while her husband Ku is usually depicted in the vertical or rising. Together they represent the setting and rising of the sun, the west and the east.