Ancient Hawaii

HIDDEN BEAUTY- Huna ka u'i (TBD/250)
16.60 x 36 in
Price on Request
These are all wall mounted sold unframed ready to hang. If you'd like to add a frame please contact for framed pricing. Inspired by the legend of La'ieikawai. This is one of my personal favorite stories. It is a story of romance, intrigue and eventual deification. La'ieikawai is recognized as one of the most beautiful women in Hawaii. She was hidden away in the forest of Puna where she was protected from her father and many potential suiters by a Mo'o, Birds and the Maile sisters. Eventually La'ieikawai, after marrying and leaving the "sun god" becomes recognized as the profound ancestor of rainbows. According to the legend, the dwelling place of La'ieikawai could be found at the end of the rainbow. We attempted to depict "the essence" of La'ieikawai and used the Maile vines to represent the protection provided by the Maile sisters and the camouflage of the deep forest.