Paul Lotz

Cirque De Lune (41/50)
87 x 14 x 16 in
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"Cirque du Lune" The monkeys three a circus be, although a sadly sight, Magician, Acrobat and Puppeteer stared up into the night. They saw Father Moon alone in gloom and felt his lonely pain, though poor they were, it mattered not, their goal was n'er in vain. To make him laugh and turn a cheek, "We'll do the best we can." Climb up to him they each did go to entertain the man. To start it off, the Acrobat did make it to the top. Upon his back he twirled his plates and all but one did drop. The Puppeteer grinned ear to ear, with his toad in string, Did all he could to make him dance. No fun was he to bring. Last in line the Magician climbed prepared to trick the moon. By pulling things out of his hat a fish has met its doom. Although they tried with all their might, the moon was not amused, he simply sneered and raised his brow and acted unenthused. "Why don't you three just let me be alone up in the sky? I did not ask for circus tricks so please now go, say I." "But Father Moon we saw you sad and only want a smile. As performers we fulfill our goal although, it may take a while." So on they went for days and weeks and months turned into years. The Moon held true and never smiled and only gave them sneers. The moral of this fable is with all you choose to do no matter what other people want, be always true to you. - The End -